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"Wild" Bill Oldroyd
Allow us to share our history in the making. We'll take you back a few years ago, Snowmobile Expo,
during the Octane Freestyle show. Bill Oldroyd bids ten times the value on a helmet where all proceeds go to an injured rider.

After the auction he and Tyler Johnson, along with Octane Addictions, throw ideas back and forth in creating a Sturgis on Snow, give a reason for people to come back to West Yellowstone MT. Combine the excitement of freestyle and concerts. Discussion continues over the years with the parties, taking us to October 2013 Bill and his daughter Katrina have what will be their last business meeting, unknown at the time. The idea of concerts and freestyle are again discussed with the concept of making a new dream together. Two days later Bill tragically lost his life. Reunited only months later, Expo of 2014 Katrina and Tyler decide it's time we are making this dream a reality! History is in the makings, and will be done in Wild Bill's honor! Every great thing starts with an idea, with passion & dedication the idea will become a reality! Our goal is to give people a reason to enjoy West Yellowstone during the winter months once again. We plan to give forward and use this dream to help those in need as Bill always did! Come ride our pristine hills, take in that Montana air, watch the exciting Races during Expo and Listen to the town rock it during our show! We can guarantee this! You won't want to miss history in the making!

WILD BILL PRODUCTIONS would like to thank Hibernation Station and Octane Additions for being our lead organizing sponsors in helping make this event happen. It is with the support of ALL our amazing sponsors that is helping make this event and dream a reality, so from all of us here @ WILD BILL PRODUCTIONS, we give you a heartfelt THANK YOU!